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Jennifer Wilner

Westfield, NJ

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about Jennifer

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: I am a graphic and web designer and now I have taken that experience and put it back into my passion for Pop Art. I am lucky to have my artwork displayed in many public spaces in Westfield, including the Tamaques Park Pavilion, the Westfield Central Avenue Public Art exhibition and I have been a part of The Wicked Windows of Westfield for 6 years of AddamsFest. In July of 2020, my butterfly design was included in “Art Takes Flight”, an exhibition of 30 fiberglass butterflies displayed around downtown Westfield. That piece was the spark for my own butterfly series and my Pop art paintings on metal and mirrors. I live on the South side with my husband, two almost grown and flown children, and my office mate and best buddy, Scout the Goldendoodle. Along with my graphic and web design work, I am a cofounder of a 501(c)(3) charity called The Birthday Box, which gives birthday parties in a box to children in need. You can see my artwork at, @jenniferwilnerart on Instagram and Facebook.

In my past design life, I have worked with Coca-Cola, Unilever, MasterCard, Tiffany & Co. and L’Oreal to name a few. You can hop over to my Design portfolio at

TELL US ABOUT YOUR HOLIDAY WINDOW: Ocho Kandelikas is a Ladino (Judeo/Spanish language) song about the 8 candles of Hanukkah. It’s sung to a Tango beat, so I portrayed two dancers in a Tango pose with the lights of the menorah on their outstretched arms. You can hear a modern version of the song sung by Idina Menzel on YouTube by using the QR code on the window or if you don’t want to wait, hear it any time here.


WHAT ARTIST OR TYPE OF ART INSPIRES YOU:  I am inspired by many artists and I relate to Pop artists because a lot of them were graphic designers as well. But truthfully, I am not as inspired by any specific artist as I am by looking at all kinds of art. Art is all around every day and I try to stop and take the time to appreciate all kinds of art; music, writing, bakers, crafters, florists – everyone has a talent that I can draw inspiration from.



Movie: When Harry Met Sally. Song: September by Earth Wind and Fire.


WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO AT THE CENTER FOR CREATIVITY : I would love to hear other artists talk about their work and give workshops. I would also love a collaborative work space to interact with other artists while everyone works together. 

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