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A cartoon by Charles Addams of the Addams family sitting down to dinner

The Tee and Charles Addams Foundation has generously provided initial seed capital for this effort and has committed to underwriting future art endeavors, with the intention of eventually endowing the Center with Addams works and funding in perpetuity.

“It has brought the Foundation such joy to witness how this community has embraced AddamsFest, annually celebrating the life and work of Charles Addams including not only the iconic and timeless Addams Family, but also his classic work as an artist, New Yorker cartoonist, and as a fixture in the prominent New York social circles of the 1960’s,” said Kevin Miserocchi, Executive Director of the Tee and Charles Addams Foundation. “We’re thrilled that Charlie will return to the hometown that inspired his work and that his legacy will live on through the many artists that will benefit from the Westfield Center for Creativity at the Rialto.”

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