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June 2024


Cassandra Saint-Jean: A Journey Through Time

Artist Bio:

Cassandra Saint-Jean is a self-taught abstract artist based in New Jersey. With a background in photography.
She is known for her vibrant and dynamic paintings inspired by her Caribbean culture and love for color.
Cassandra's artwork often explores themes of freedom, transformation, and inner emotions.



Artist Statement: 

A Journey Through Time: An exhibition that encapsulates my artistic journey and the evolution of my creative expression.
This collection unites my earlier works, centered on self-expression, with my newer, emotionally resonant pieces inspired
by everyday life and personal experiences. Together, they narrate my growth from expressive beginnings to a more nuanced present.
I invite you to witness this evolution and find inspiration in the journey of transformation.

All artwork can be viewed at this link.

Pricing information available here.


This program is made possible in part by a 2024 HEART
(History, Education, Arts Reaching Thousands) Grant
from the Union County Board of County Commissioners.

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