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Westfield Then & Now

May 1, 2024


This article originally appeared in the Westfield Tap on May 7th, 2024
"Westfield: Then & Now’ Photography Exhibit Celebrates Preservation Month"


Westfield Then & Now

In celebration of National Preservation Month, the Historic Preservation Commission and Public Arts Commission have joined forces to present this special exhibit celebrating Westfield past and present. Vintage photographs sourced from the archives of the Westfield Historical Society are shown alongside present-day views of the same scene, in some cases faithfully recreated using the current occupants.

Among the municipal, commercial and residential sites featured are Arcanum Hall, Mindowaskin Park, and historic neighborhoods such as Boulevard, Stoneleigh Park, and Kimball Avenue. Viewed from the same vantage points, these landmarks appear strikingly similar to when they were first built, thanks to the legacy of historic preservation. The resulting display is a vivid portrait of Westfield's timeless architectural heritage and enduring community spirit.

In conjunction with the exhibition, the public is invited to submit their own "Then & Now" photographs for an online display by emailing them to and tagging the Center for Creativity at the Rialto in social media posts.

Credits: All historic images courtesy of the Westfield Historical Society Archives
Current photos: Margaret Smith, Westfield Public Arts Commission

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